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Build The Ultimate Energy-efficient Home

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Use the build home design Guide to get all the unbiased, easy-to-understand advice and information you need for your next home building or renovation project.

An ultra-efficient home can be designed and built to produce as much energy as it uses.

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Jun 2, 2017 … Look to low-tech solutions for big energy savings when you're constructing a home.

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If you're dreaming of a home that's the ultimate in energy efficiency, take a look at the … A home being built to the Passive House standard in Norwich, Vt.

They had a full itinerary with plans to attend a trade show in Kona and to host an open house at an oceanfront Mandala Home before heading to … they were tasked with designing the most …

The ultimate goal of an energy-efficient home is to achieve net zero energy use and create a comfortable home with high indoor environmental quality.

Don’t have an old shed already sitting around your backyard? You can buy an easy-to-build kit at your local tool store or the Home Depot. Want to go all out? Choose a shed with whimsical structural …

Building and designing affordable zero energy homes involves 12 integrated steps … builders can take to improve the energy efficiency of a zero energy home.

WHAT WE DO. Building with ISMART means you won’t have to sacrifice quality for speed. It also means you can build the most energy efficient and comfortable home at a competitive price.

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RetroFoam of Michigan, a spray foam insulation contractor, created “The Ultimate Foam Insulation Buying Guide for New Build Homes” to educate homeowners … footprint by making their homes more energy …

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Jan 4, 2018 … Energy Efficient Home Design: The Ultimate Guide … If you're interested in ways to make your home look and feel better while conserving …

How do you build an energy-efficient home on an island that’s 20 miles from civilization—and electricity? Let’s just say you’ll need some creativity, and a lot of time. The owner pondered how to build …

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