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Does Your Home Violate Your Local Building Code?

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Although few homeowners can claim an encyclopedic knowledge of their local building codes, here's a heads up on seven of the most common code violations  …

Don't Violate Tiny House Zoning/Building Codes A good DIYer knows a lot about tools and techniques, but the best DIYers know about building codes, too. completing home improvement projects that are code-compliant — and can pass inspections from your local building authority — are the route to a safe and happy home, and well-done DIY projects.

That may be true, but the real intent of building codes is to make sure your house is safe and healthy. Not conforming with codes could even cost you when you decide to sell your home—a sharp-eyed …

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The electric code is one of the most important pieces of building code, because failing to comply can endanger your home and property. Some common violations include improperly sized connections, overfilling outlet boxes, not properly grounding and not spacing outlets correctly.

Before you undertake and remodeling projects, make sure your plans comply with local laws or you may find yourself paying fines or making expensive changes.

General inspectors like Davis do … local standards, Davis says the rule in Texas is to note it “doesn’t meet current standards.” But a building code violation doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be …

Oct 7, 2015 … Nobody is going to notice a little bathroom renovation going on in the back of your house. … skipping permits means you won't have access to your local … violation stumbling blocks when it comes time to sell your house.

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May 20, 2016 … Chances are your house doesn't follow code, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're out of luck.

home … building inflation and the costs of complying with building-code updates.) bottom line: You don’t need to automatically raise the coverage for damage to your home just because your home’s …

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