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Welcome! If any of the appliances in your house caused a problem recently or some of the lamps are flickering, you have come to the right place, as on this page you will be able to read various posts about how to fix different issues with your electrical system. Such things are not a problem for Baxter Electric, LLC, the right electrical contractor for any electrical work in Edmond OK. But first, let us introduce our team in the following two posts:

We have plenty of experience as a fully certified electrician and that experience has taught us that the best way for a company to progress is to provide a prompt and top quality service for its clients. That way, if they need another electrical service, they will know that we are the right choice for them. During the years in this business, we have always striven to grow the number of our customers with reasonably priced and top quality services. This has led to a big number of referrals, who made an appointment with us because their friends or family members were pleased with our services.

Another reason for you to choose our company might be our competitive rates. We have always managed to meet the expectation of our clients not only with top rate labor but also with affordable prices. This is a sure fact of our professionalism as an electrician and that we care about the needs of our customers. What is more, we even give discounts! Call our local office now for more information!

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